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Like you, we're campers. My wife and I started out like most of us, camping in tents, and then graduated to a pop-up, and now we own a 19 foot travel trailer. We spend a lot of time boondocking with friends on private property, attending music festivals, and occasionally we do some typical campground visits.

In the course of outfitting our trailer, I realized that there is no good resource that tells you what you really need and don't need for your RV, and then gives you the tools to manage it all.

Sure, I've watched several of the YouTube videos that show the "Ten Things You Need For Your RV", and I've read several articles that were long on words, but short on details. We hope to turn this around for you.

So, being the engineer that I am, I started a spreadsheet, and being a web guy, I decided to post it online, since other campers might want to review and use this much more complete list of RV products.

We hope you enjoy our "Naked RV" list, which is aimed directly at the new trailer or coach owner. In order to USE your new RV, there is a whole battery of accessory items that are either ESSENTIAL or VERY HANDY when using your RV properly.

For more experienced camper owners who already have most of essentials, our list will help you find handy items that make camping easier and more fun. Join our lively and sometimes humorous NEWSLETTER to stay up to date on interesting new products in the RV world.

I hope you find this site useful. The list is FREE to download. Give it a try!.

Honest Disclaimer: Yes, we do get paid for advertising, and we might get lucky and get the occasional free review product, and we also get paid if you click on links and/or buy something through thse links. We all know that that's how the world goes around. We try to be fair about it.

Thanks again for tuning in. We'd love to hear from you and your camping stories, the good, bad, and the ugly.

Dirk Johnson Sterling VA, USA info@rvaccessorieslist.com

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