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We welcome productive relationships with RV product and service vendors!

We have 25 years of exeperience in Web marketing, on both sides of the advertising process. We know very well that "big media" overcharges for their eyeballs. We also know that publishers can do much more to assist their advertising partners to achieve a decent return on their investment.

We prefer full tranasparency, on both sides, using click tracking data, from which a fair market price can be established. We offer short duration test programs so you can gauge traffic over longer term commitments.

We also find creative ways put our prefferred partners first. We'll work with you to help you meet your campaign goals.

Ad Placement Programs

Why use an over priced third-party ad placement manager? We accommodate most standard ad sizes, and we can place ads throughout the site, with varying cost per placement.

Unlike most publishers, we offer short-term advertising test programs, so you can see the results for yourself, on your own site stats.

All of our ads use outbound click tracking to provide you with detailed, informed analysis, and in compliance with privacy laws.

Product Showcase Articles and Reviews

We can provide you with product showcase articles or reviews that provide our readers with a more in-depth look at your product. Please contact us for details.

Newsletter Press Releases

Our Newsletter mailing list can be deployed for direct broadcast of product updates and annoucements, as well as promotional offers.

Newsletter Ad Placements

We offer ad placement in your email newsletter. This can be bundled with on-site ad placement programs, or stand alone.

Affiliate Program Participation

If you offer an affiliate program, we may choose to participate, based on our mutual goals. For vendors looking to build brand awareness, these placements can be "blended" programs based on views or clicks, in addition to or in lieu of commissions earned from sales.

No Follow Link Policy is not built with the intention of gaming the search engine optimization environment.

All paid or compensated link placements on are placed with "nofollow" link attributes and this is non-negotiable. This limitation is in place to protect our search engine performance as well as your own standing with search engines.

Please Contact Us to Learn More!

As we mentioned previously, we have been around the Web marketing environment for over 25 years. You will find that working with us is a refreshing change from the hidebound "corporate Web" advertising posture, where cooperation is hard to find and advertising prices are out of line with their true value. We're here to work with you and your goals.

Dirk Johnson Sterling VA, USA

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