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Is Your RV NAKED? We're Here To Help!

Nobody tells the new RV owner that theses things are like little newborn babies. They send it home naked, but you need SO MUCH MORE to actually enjoy, use and care for your RV. In fact, a brand new, off-the-lot RV is pretty useless, except as raw shelter.

How Much More Stuff Do You Need?

That all depends on what type if rig you own, and what type you may have had previously. A pop-up without a head can be inexpensive to equip. Even a small travel trailer or anything larger that has tanks (freshwater, graywater and blackwater) will require at a minimum, several hundred dollars worth of gear, if not a couple of thousand dollars. Yikes!

We Help Sort It All Out For You

Our NAKED RV Lists are built for the type of RV that you own. From a pop-up to large motorhome, we have an Accessories list that will help you get what you need and avoid what you really don't

Our list items are cateogorized by "Required", "Essential", "Nice to Have", and "Luxury Item". We'll explan why you do or might need it.

Unlike those 20 minute YouTube videos that show you the "10 things you need for a new RV" and then they leave you on your own to organize it and go find them, we go much deeper into the product list, and and give you a spreadsheet and links to actual products.

The RVA List is built for speed and ease-of-use, to assist your own comparison shopping, and for product tracking.

THIS is NOT a long list of specific products. Instead, the list is general in nature. For instance, under weight-distribution hitches, we link out to the entire selectiout of WD hitches at various vendors, where you compare and choose what it right for YOUR rig and your budget.

Then use the list to keep track of your choices, preferences, and purchases.

WE ARE NOT PRODUCT REVIEWERS!!! We suggest that you use the reviews at the vendors to help make your choices.

  1. No more COPY and PASTING or TYPING links and product descriptions from other RV sites! It's all here and ready to use NOW.

  2. It's already ORGANIZED by category.

  3. It's a HUGE list, and growing.

  4. We're NEUTRAL reviewers. You decide what works best for your situation.

  5. Items are tagged as "Essential", "Handy" and "Luxury" and more, based on how critical they are to the camping experience.

  6. Why we did it

    Frankly, we became tired of the videos and the hard-to-use articles in the RV realm.

    Busy adults don't have time to sit through 20 minute vidoes that show "the ten things you must have for an RV", even if the wives are cute. Then you have to track it all down. It's a time suck.

    We give you the opportunity to download a spreadsheet, with product links, that you can use to track your purchases.

    How to Use the List

    We suggest that you

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